LIVE from The Hall Comic Claim Showcase

LIVE from The Hall Comic Claim Showcase is our NEW streaming online sale that happens in a live video on our dedicated YouTube channel. From 6:30-8:00pm ET, most Monday evenings, you'll see 90+ incredible comic books in a fun, fast-paced "claim-it-now" format.

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We feature all types of comic books - classic back issues, hot modern comics, cool variants, key appearances, sets, and more - at prices for all budgets. Whether you tune in to claim a book, learn about comics, or just be entertained, we hope you'll join us. It's easy to participate! Here's how it works...

• This is a “claim it now” sale – i.e., each book has fixed pricing.
• Books are broken up into groups, or "blocks", of x10 books each.
• Each book will be revealed one at a time.
• To claim a book, use the live comments section to type the number that we've assigned to that book.
• The first person's claim to appear in the comments on our monitor will be announced as the successful claimant.
• All claimants who pay by the deadline of 4:00pm on Wednesday will be entered in the LIVE weekly raffle drawing.
• Your claim must be the first to appear on our monitor in order to be announced as the winner of a book. (Just because your comment appears first on your feed doesn’t mean you're first on our monitor.)
• If you have issues with the YouTube stream or excessive lag, it is on your end. We recommend that you direct connect into your router or log off and reconnect.
• If there are issues or questions with any decisions on claimants or anything else of concern, please email your comments to us at or stop by the shop.
• All grades quoted are our best estimates and based on the Overstreet Comic Book grading system. If there are any issues with your purchase or you're dissatisfied with the grade of a book, we’ll always make it right.
• Please keep the comments section clean, appropriate, and respectful at all times.
• You'll be billed for successful claims via PayPal. We ask that first time claimers send us the email associated with your PayPal account email to
• Invoices will be sent by end of the day following the evening of the sale.
• Free in shop pick-up or a shipping cost will be included with invoices, as needed.
• Payment is due by 4:00pm on Wednesday.
• The raffle drawing will happen late afternoon on Wednesday in a video on The Hall of Comics YouTube channel.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We look forward to seeing you
LIVE from The Hall!

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