Now Comics - The Terminator (1988) #1-17 Set VF/VF+

Now Comics

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Marvel Comics

The Terminator #1-17 Set
1st Printing, VF/VF +, 17 Issues Total

Mitch O'Connell Cover

The Year is 2031. It's been three years since Skynet's failed time-travel attempt to kill Sarah Connor. During these years, John Connor's organized force of freedom fighters have been beaten back, and reduced to rag-tag independent squads. Just south of Miami, Skynet has constructed a human replication complex--or Flesh Farm. The computer's goal, being to breed a new race of mankind. A race that is machine sympathetic. A Florida based pocket of freedom fighters, nicknamed Sarah's Slammers, has pledged to destroy this complex. With grim determination, but little in the way of firepower, they face this challenge--but it's clear from the start that this is a hopeless crusade. As determined as they are, they need help. Big-time help.
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