Getting Your Comics During the Pandemic

Dear friends and fans - Due to rapidly changing & severe circumstances, both locally & nationwide, our physical shop will close until May 4th to ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff. At that time, we’ll evaluate the safest way to proceed. We will continue to offer mail order services and our web store is fully operational. Shop subscribers can expect updates and invoices via email.

If you wish to take advantage of our free subscriber service, or if you are an existing subscriber who has not yet made payment arrangements with us, please contact us at and we'll set you up. It's easy! Here's how it works...

Mail order - Our mail order service will be available to all current in-shop subscribers. To take advantage of this, we need from you -
• The email address associated with your PayPal account
• How often you’d like your books to be invoiced & sent each Wednesday?
• Confirm the shipping address where you’d like the books sent

We prefer PayPal, but if you don’t have a PP account, we can charge your credit card. We would need -
• your credit card number
• the expiration date
• the 3-digit security code on the back of the card
• the street number for the billing address
• the zip code for the billing address

Rest assured that we’ll continue to be an exciting part of your comic book fandom. The Hall is committed to offering you the best customer service in the industry. Please know that however you choose to support us - whether it’s financially or with kind words online - it always means the world to us.

Be safe - your friends and fellow fans at The Hall